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Balasana Yoga Benefits, Steps, Pose, Images & More

What is Balasana  Yoga Benefits

Balasana is the easiest Yoga Asana of Yoga. It is performed by beginners. In Sanskrit Bala means a child that is called one posture. This is the first post we learn about Yoga. It is easy to follow and Balasana benefits us. In ‘Balasana ‘ the body faces the floor in the fetal position. It is also known as ‘Garbhasana’.The key to yoga is in regulated breathing and rest is just flow.

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Steps of Balasana Yoga Benefit

Exercise Instructions

  1. Sit on your knees with your feet together and your buttocks resting on your heels.
  2. Separate your knees about the width of your hips
  3. Place your hands on your thighs, palms down.
  4. This is the Vajra-asana or Thunderbolt Pose.
  5. Inhale deeply, then exhale as you bring your between your Knees while swinging your arms forward.
  6. Rest your forehead on the floor, if possible, and then bring your arms around to your sides until the hands resting on either side of your feet, palms up.
  7. Breathe gently through your nostrils as you hold the posture.
  8. Hold for about one to two minutes.
  9. Then return to an upright kneeling position with your hands on your thighs.
  10. Repeat the posture at least one more time.

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Posture Instructions

  1. The ball-asana is one of the more relaxing Yoga postures and can easily be done by beginners.
  2. When you start Breath gently through your nostrils as you hold the posture and it is very good for your health.
  3. The Bala-asana gently stretches and relaxes the shoulders, neck, back muscles and thighs.
  4. The Bala-asana can be held for as long as comfortable.
  5. Rehash at any rate twice on the off chance that it is held for not exactly a moment.

Benefits of Balasana Yoga

  1. It helps relief Fatigue and relaxes the body.
  2. It helps us to ease anxiety and ease.
  3. The pose helps lengthen and stretch out the spine.
  4. Stimulates digestion and elimination.
  5. Stretch Your spine. It helps us to relief from neck and back pain.


You should not follow this Balasana Yoga Pose when you are in these categories:

  1. When you are pregnant
  2. when you have diarrhoea.

Importance of Yoga

Welcome friends! In this article we learn about Balasana Yoga. we learn about what are the steps of Balasana Yoga

What are the benefits of Yoga?

How we live healthy with this Balasana Yoga And what effect of this yoga pose on our body. Yoga is not a  religion it is a way of living towards a healthy mind and body. Man is a  physical, mental, and spiritual being. Yoga helps us to balance all three forms.

Balasana is so famous. It so much looks like always resting posture that might provide a nice stretch to the back or a good excuse to get some shut-eye when a yoga class gets challenging. In reality, there is more to Child’s Pose than what meets the eye.

The posture is incredibly rejuvenating and restorative to both the body and mind, and can even be used to strengthen certain targeted areas of the body.


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