A Warrior's Princely Tomb With Artifacts Unearthed In Romania

A Warrior’s Princely Tomb With Artifacts Unearthed In Romania


Jan Bartek – AncientPages.com – An impressive archaeological discovery has taken place on the Ploiești-Buzău section of the future A7 motorway in Romania.

The national road company CNAIR, Compania Nationala de Administrare a Infrastructurii Rutière, has announced that an interesting tomb belonging to a warrior prince has been discovered at the site. The unknown ancient warrior was buried next to his horse. Inside the tomb, there is also a surprisingly diverse list of weapons and over 120 pieces of jewelry, some of which are made of gold.

The majestic tomb of a warrior was unearthed on the A7 motorway section in Romania. Image credit: CNAIR

Unfortunately, archaeologists have not been able to fully examine the tomb and its contents because parts of the route were not acquired, making it impossible to access the entire land, CNAIR explained.

“Even in this case, on Lot 1 of the mentioned project, approximately 14 out of 21 km, intrusive archaeological diagnostics could be carried out during the feasibility study phase, and four archaeological sites were identified,” the company said. , , Later, four other sites were found. At one of these sites, archaeological research discovered a royal tomb.

Royal tomb of a warrior with artifacts found in Romania

Many of the antiquities found in the tomb were made of gold. Image credit: CNAIR

“The tomb surprises with its varied and rich inventory, from elaborately crafted and decorated weapons to gold jewelry for both the deceased and the horse,” CNAIR said in its Facebook post.

The archaeological research is carried out by experts from the “Vasil Parvan” Archaeological Institute in Bucharest, who tried under extremely difficult conditions from the point of view of weather to collect all the information that this type of discovery could provide.

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The Warrior’s Tomb dates back to 4 or 5 AD and is hailed by experts as an outstanding archaeological find.

The burial inventory and bones have been collected and are currently kept in the institute’s laboratory to be cleaned, preserved and restored. After this they will also be shown in front of the public.

written by Jan Bartek – AncientPages.com staff Writer


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